Teeny Weeny Tips For Teens And Tweens Interested In Contact Lenses

9 March 2016
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Are you a teen or approaching your teens and interested in contact lenses? If so, you may have questions about them. Perhaps you are sure that you want contact lenses, but you are trying to convince your parents that contacts are a good idea for you. The following pointers can help you and your parents ensure that wearing contacts is safe and ideal for you. 

Ensure that you include an eye doctor in your contact lenses decision.

There are a number of novelty lenses that are available on the market. You may come across some of these on sale online. They may also be available at stores and beauty parlors. Buying these lenses may offer seemingly immediate benefits such as changing your eye color, but they may also cause problems. An allergic reaction is an example of a problem that some people may experience by buying these type of contact lenses. 

Optometrists will be able to give you specific things to look for that may be indicative of allergic reactions. They will also be able to tell you what to do if you encounter this type of situation. 

Never try on lenses that another person has used.

If you have a friend who wears contact lenses, you may feel tempted to try theirs on to see how they feel or look on you. This is not a good practice because you will be exposing your eyes to their germs, and if they wear the lenses after you try them on, they will also be exposed to your germs. Contact lenses cleaning products are designed to clean contacts, but bacteria can still be left behind since the products do not sterilize.

Even if your friend has a sterile, unused pair of lenses, it is possible that the lenses could cause complications for you. For example, lenses that are prescribed to correct vision imperfections for your friend could impair your vision since they are not prescribed to you. Eye exams are needed to determine the correct vision strength.

Commit to using contacts as directed. 

If your parents allow you to get contact lenses, you may be thinking that it will make life easier. Ensure that you wear, clean, and dispose of your contacts as recommended. These are measures that may help you to avoid problems such as eye infections or using outdated products. For example, if you have contacts that are designed to be cleaned daily, sleeping in them could cause bacteria to flourish and result in an eye infection.