Top 4 Makeup Mistakes To Avoid If You Wear Eyeglasses

6 May 2016
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These days, many people find themselves needing some form of corrective eyewear in order to enhance their vision. If you're a woman who falls into this category, then there's a good chance you find yourself feeling a little conflicted when it comes to choosing the right makeup to accentuate your eyes and complement your glasses at the same time. Specifically, there are a few common mistakes you'll want to avoid when it comes to wearing makeup with eyeglasses.

Failing to Use an Eyelash Curler

Taking the time to curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler is important if you wear glasses--especially if you have naturally long lashes or wear false lashes. Otherwise, you could easily end up with eyelashes that hit the lenses of your glasses, and if you wear mascara, this is a recipe for disaster because you'll likely end up smudging your lenses with mascara as soon as you put your glasses on.

Wearing Dark Eye Shadow

The "smoky eye" is a coveted look, but it's generally not recommended when paired with eyeglasses--particularly if you have glasses with darker frames. Unfortunately, dark frames and darker eye shadow (such as that worn with the "smoky eye" look) can lead to too much darkness around the eyes. As a result, you achieve the opposite effect of making your eyes stand out; they'll actually appear duller.

Ignoring Your Eyebrows

Unless you're wearing glasses with frames that completely cover your eyebrows, it's important to ensure that your brows are well groomed as part of your makeup routine. Well defined and beautifully arched brows can really make your eyes stand out--even behind a pair of eyeglasses. If you're not doing so already, take the time to groom and pluck your brows. You may also want to consider using a brow gel, pencil, or powder to create definition and arching for a dramatic look.

Forgetting the Under-Eye Concealer

Finally, keep in mind that tired eyes can be made especially obvious if you're wearing eyeglasses. Therefore, if you have dark circles under your eyes or puffy eyes from a lack of sleep, be sure to apply a small amount of under-eye concealer before you head out of the door. Doing so will help to brighten your eyes and prevent them from appearing dull behind your lenses. If you don't have any under-eye concealer on-hand, regular concealer or even a lighter shade of foundation works in a pinch.

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