Improve Your Looks

1 May 2018
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If you are looking at recent pictures of yourself and you see things you aren't so happy with, or if you aren't as pleased as you would like when you look in the mirror, there is something you can do. Making a few changes to your appearance can be all it takes for you to feel wonderful about your appearance. Here are some of the areas you can focus on that can help you achieve the look you will be happy with. Read More 

4 Key Questions To Ask Your Ophthalmologist During An Eye Exam

26 February 2018
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If you have an appointment for a comprehensive eye and vision exam scheduled, there's a good chance the majority of your exam will be conducted by a vision professional known as an ophthalmologist. If it's been awhile since your last eye exam or if this is the first eye exam you've ever had, there are some important questions you might not think to ask the ophthalmologist that can provide you with valuable insight into your ocular health. Read More